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How The Brain Deals With The Deluge Of Unwanted Thoughts

Our brain continuously spins out thoughts, whether we want it to or not. When unwanted thoughts keep occurring, despite our efforts to control them, they feed a cycle of rumination that’s at the heart of depression and anxiety disorders. New research  (link is external)shows what’s going on in the brain when those unwanted thoughts occur, and why some brains are better at controlling them than others.

Source: How The Brain Deals With The Deluge Of Unwanted Thoughts | Psychology Today

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Dr Ramesh Manocha MBBS BSc (med) PhD is a GP, educator and researcher. His PhD was completed at the Royal Hospital for Women and focused on the scientific evaluation of meditation and the mental silence experience. Ramesh is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry at Sydney University and is also the founder and convenor of Generation Next, a national circuit of professional development seminars for education, health and welfare professionals. View all posts by Dr Ramesh Manocha →
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