For this meditation use just the key affirmations. You might practise this meditation when you are pressed for time — in your lunch break, for example — or as an adjunct to your regular meditation routine. You just need to find a spot somewhere relatively quiet for about five minutes. You could even sit at your desk when everyone else has gone to lunch.

Place your RIGHT hand … Affirmations (repeat silently a few times)
On the heart.  ‘I am the spirit’ or ‘I am pure awareness’
Flat on the forehead, gently grasping the temples, leaning your head forwards a little into your hand. ‘I forgive, I forgive everyone and I forgive myself’
On the top of the head, at the halfway point between the hairline and the crown. ‘Please strengthen my experience of inner silence /  self realisation / true meditation’


  • Raise the right hand above the head slowly and allow your attention to flow up into that space above the head.
  • Place the right hand back in the lap, palm up, but keep your attention in that space above the head.
  • Use the thought-stopping sequence (below) if you need to.
  • Sit quietly and enjoy the peace.