A new approach to meditation that can improve your happiness, wellbeing and productivity – in just 10 minutes a day.

Silence Your Mind

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The paperback

At this stage the paperback is easily available in both bookstores and online in Australia. See the relevant links below.




Getting the paperback outside of Australia is at this stage a little difficult: The publishers (Hachette) are currently looking for distributors in other countries. Once a distributor is found then it should be quite easy to get it online and in bookstores. However until then the most cost effective way of getting the book is to order it from us using the links above.

Some of the larger bookstores in the US and UK may get it just for you if you specifically ask the bookstore to order it in from Australia. If they don’t then we suggest that the best way to get your copy is to buy direct from the author. There is a shipping charge (AUD $10) however it is very much less than what you would pay elsewhere to get the book shipped to you from Australia. Our staff will process your order and ship it via conventional post. It will take approximately 10 working days to get to you.

We encourage you to contact the publisher, preferably in writing. Every letter they receive asking for it to be made available in your country increases the likelihood that it will happen. You can email any messages to that effect to us via the contact page and we will definitely forward it directly to people in Hachette involved in this process!