This simple self-assessment tool can help you assess your own mental activity. It’s useful to help you appreciate the impact of the various meditation strategies listed here and elsewhere on your experience of mental silence(and the hence the quality of your meditation).

Before meditating, just take a few moments to observe your own mental activity and indicate the “thoughtwave” diagram that best corresponds to it by placing a mark in the corresponding “before” column. Immediately after your meditation, re-examine your level of mental activity again and place a mark in the “after” column. Has it changed? If your mental activity level in the “after” column is higher up when compared to the “before” column then you have made some progress! Did you get closer to the target experiences of either “mostly” or ideally “completely” mentally silent?

Our research has shown that most diligent meditators, using the techniques given here, can attain these upper two levels regularly. See how you go with regular daily practice. Experiment with the different resources given on this website to see which one helps you achieve “mental silence” most effectively.