This is a simple strategy that enables you to bring your attention inside and focus it on progressively more subtle dimensions of your awareness, and then ultimately on the experience of mental silence in meditation.

  1. Find a relatively quiet place to sit.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with hands in the lap, palms up. Your back should be straight so that the head, neck and back are forming a natural vertical alignment, but do this in a relaxed way.
  3. Close your eyes. Bring your attention away from any external distractions, such as noise or minor discomforts, by paying attention to establishing a gentle, natural rhythm of regular breathing in and out through the nose.
  4. Now pay attention to the breath moving gently in and out of the nose and to its gentle rhythm.
  5. Now pay attention to the breath moving in and out of your chest. Observe the breath as it moves into the chest and then out of the chest without mental effort.
  6. Now shift your attention from the breath to how you feel within yourself. Don’t think about how or what you are feeling, just pay attention to whatever feelings are there without analysing them.
  7. Now shift your attention to the space just above the top of the head and observe as your thinking activity begins to slow and subside. Place the palm of your right hand on the top of the head to help focus your attention, if necessary.