Please follow these steps to practise this meditation.
Find somewhere you can sit quietly for fifteen minutes.

  • Light a candle in front of the card; use some incense of you wish. Experiment to see what works best for you
  • If possible remove your shoes, and glasses if you wear them. Loosen tight clothes such as a tie or belt.
  • Sit comfortably either on a chair or on the floor (with a cushion if the floor is too hard) resting your left hand flat on your lap, palm up.

In practising the following meditation, you will find that there are affirmations to repeat to yourself. Each affirmation is directed to the energy of meditation, which exists in all of us. Even if you are not used to affirmations, I encourage you to incorporate these affirmations even if for the first few times you just need to take it on faith .


Place right hand: on the left side of your lower stomach, just above the left hip

Affirm:I am the pure knowledge or Give me the true knowledge about myself

Tip: Take a few breaths to help bring your attention inside


Place right hand: on the left side of your upper stomach, just below ribs

Affirm: I am my own master or Make me my own master

Tip: Press a little more firmly here


Place right hand: on the heart, a little to the left of the breastbone

Affirm: I am the spirit or I am the self or I am pure awareness

Tip: Take a few relaxing breaths


Place right hand: on the left shoulder, where the shoulder joins the neck (gently turn your head only a little to the right)

Affirm: I am not guilty at all

Tip: Say this as many times as you need; say it sincerely as it is important to permit ourselves to recover and grow from our mistakes. The spirit cannot be guilty, so without thinking of any specifics, just let go of all residual guilt. When you are ready, continue on to the next position.


Place right hand: flat on the forehead, gently grasping the temples, leaning your head forward a little into your hand

Affirm: I forgive. I forgive everyone and I forgive myself

Tip:Say this from your heart, without thinking of any particular incident or person – feel the release of forgiveness


Place right hand: on the back of the head, in line with your eyes. Lean the head back a little into your hand

Affirm: Please forgive me for any mistakes I have made knowingly or unknowingly or For whatever I have done against myself, please forgive me

Tip: Don t think of any specific issues, just let it go. Relax


Place right hand: on top of the head, halfway between hairline and crown. Stretch your fingers up a little, lightly pressing your palm onto the head, gently rub the head in a clockwise direction

Affirm: Please give me the experience of mental silence / self-realisation /  the experience of true meditation

Tip: Slowly raise your right hand about 10cm above the head and allow your attention to follow it. With your hand there, you may feel a cool or possibly warm sensation on the palm. It can be useful to focus on this sensation, if you wish


Return your hand to your lap so that both hands are resting there with palms facing upwards, fingers a little outstretched. Gently maintain your attention at/above the top of your head.

Tip: Sit quietly, with eyes closed and enjoy the peace. If thoughts fail to settle or become intrusive, use the thought stopping sequence over the page